Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Design Festa Vol. 30: Scumy Selections

There was so much going on at this year's Design Festa I don't know where to begin! We already mentioned the putrid princesses fashion show in our previous post, but there's no way you could cover the 2700 booths of artists and artisans over the two day weekend, much less the one Sunday we were there.

Still, we had our Awesome Stuff radar to help us sort through the chaff and bring you the best of Design Festa! Here are a few highlights, but make sure to check out the album for more, plus artist information and links to their homepages.

Warning: Album contains some NSFW images of creepy dolls.

Click here for way more pics!
Design Festa Vol. 30


  1. thank you for visiting my booth in DesignFesta.

    My name is ZERAI NAOI. I made Tongue Head that you describe in this blog with picture.

    I really enjoyed talking with your staff and
    appreciate to show my work in your blog.

    I have special make-up seminar in tokyo and
    hope to take a look my official HP.

    {sorry for all is Japanese only]

    thanks you very much!

  2. @ZERAI NAOI: We added your info to the photo captions of pics we took at your booth. We lost your biz card, so I really appreciate you leaving a comment with your site URL.

    TSB will be crashing one of your next seminars, consider yourself warned!