Our best (and most overlooked) work from the past is archived here for your edification.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Metallica dojinshi from 1989. The download link is hidden at the bottom of the comments section.

Edogawa Rampo's World of Grotesque Beauty
Amazing illustrations of works from Japan's master of gothic fiction.

Galaxy Ginza
Scanlated manga about phone scams and sticking it to The Man.

Pink Lady coloring book
Print out paper dolls of Mie & Kei for your personal pleasure.

Planet Jaguar
Alien Jaguar comes in the name of peace, rock music.

Our first and final foray into making manga.

Yokoi's House of Gaming 
A look at the Japanese autobiography of Nintendo's greatest idea man.

Zenryoku Saka
Girls run up hills, get moist and haggard.
Banned in the Name of Good Taste
A roundup of characters and products pushed off the market for the sake of political correctness.

Cooking with Insects
Oh boy, candied critters!

The Hairy Butt Burger Incident
Leaked sex photos turn into an internet meme that reminds us to lock our digital doors.

Kawaii Gravestones
Iconic children's characters guide you from the cradle to the grave.

Michael Jackson blackface
Homeless dudes perform a heartfelt sendoff for the King of Pop.

Rebirth of the Buddha
Happy Science and their pet Buddha has your back when North Korea decides to launch their Doomsday Device.

Top 10 Creepy PSAs
The Japanese Ad Council will scare you into being a model citizen.

Ugly Legend
Science proves that gaijin date ugly Japanese girls due to bad wiring in the brain.

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