Tokyo Guide

The amount of choices offered by Tokyo can be intimidating. Our city guide helps separate the chumps from the champs to ensure that your time is well spent.

Bars and Restaurants

Little BSD
Cosplay bar.

New Type crossdressing bar
"Otoko no ko" crossplay bar.

Shooting Bar AE (Resident Evil collaboration)
Bar with open airsoft shooting range.

Yurei ghost izakaya
Haunted izakaya staffed by ghosts.

Fancy Cat
Maid cafe and karaoke parlor.

Hammer Head
B-movie and rockabilly bar.

The World Kaikan
Dilapidated apartment complex housing unique bars.

Biohazard Grill & Cafe S.T.A.R.S.
Limited-edition Resident Evil theme restaurant.

Shanghai Xiaochi
Gross gourmet on the way to Kabuki-cho.

Other Areas
Burrito joint in Akasaka, Azabu, and Roppongi.
Nuri-E Museum
Collection of post-war children's coloring books in Arakawa.

Ginmaku Rock
Curio bar with burlesque shows in Asakusa.

Hooters Tokyo
An American classic in Ginza and Nagata-cho.

Kamen Rider the Diner
Limited-edition Kamen Rider theme restaurant in Ikebukuro.

Cafes, Galleries, Museums, and Time Sinks 
Super Edition Bibliotheque
Cafe, bookstore, and library specializing in Japanese art, architecture, fashion, and film in Harajuku.

Central Wholesale Meat Market
Facility detailing Japan's meat packing industry and offering guided tours of the slaughterhouse in Shinagawa.

Meiji University Torture Museum
Explore the history of capital punishment at the Sugugadai campus.

Galeria de Muerte
Metal and hardcore band zine shop/gallery in Ueno.

Sleepy town filled with interesting shops in Yokohama.

Outside Tokyo
Go Nagai Wonderland Museum
Museum dedicated to the works of manga artist Go Nagai in his hometown of Wajima City, Ishikawa prefecture.

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