Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leather Skirts and Brassy Chicks: Trombone Girls Rock!

Last Saturday, Rock Joint GB in Kichijoji held a night dedicated to the globe trotting trombone rocker Jackie! They offered a discount at the door for people sporting “the look”—leather jacket, striped shirts, and boots, offering extra incentive to grease up your pompadour and squeeze into some ass-tight pants.

Jackie doing her thing

Moody Rudy

One thing about shows in Japan: When they give you a start time, they mean it with a vengeance. So being the idle slob that I am, I showed up late and nearly missed Moody Rudy’s entire set which is a shame given how pro these guys are. What’s up with putting the best band on as the opening act?

Bomboco (梵鉾)

The would-be flower children of Jackie’s cosmic jam band filled the room with space guitars and squelching brass. If you consider the soundtrack to Naked Lunch easy listening then they should be right up your non-euclidean alley.

La Rocca

When I saw these guys standing at attention with the Fuck You guitar, biker jackets and booming drums I was expecting some good old fashioned rumble, but the singing turned them into a popabilly act, like a group of Yoyogi dancers had been bitten by Teen Wolf.

Still, the right look coupled with call-and-response fist pumps is all it takes to win over a crowd. If you have a mood-making gimmick, people are almost guaranteed to love you. The mini mosh pit was practically tripping over itself in excitement. Throwing out a hailstorm of Halloween candy didn’t hurt either.


I still can’t believe this is the same Suzumiki from Wasting Time! Suzuyakko’s leopard spotted skirt should have been a dead giveaway, and Mikitei blended seamlessly into the crowd with his greaser camouflage, having traded in his signature hat for an awesome fake pompadour.

Halfway through the set they were joined by the rest of Futomomo Satisfaction, Jackie and Lumiere. The photos of these bikini girls with saxophones were taken during their Texas tour last March.

Zen Ra Arkestra

A band nerds wet dream come true. I’m too much of a goon to truly appreciate technical improv like this, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get down the Blaxploitation keyboard and bongos. Stick around for the double drum solo around the eight minute mark.

*BONUS* Jam Session!

The members of Zen Ra Arkestra called everyone holding an instrument up to the stage for a final sendoff. Even La Rocca was back with their washboards and hand horns. And how many nights have come to an end one way or another with a round of tequila?

Jackie was the hardest working muscian of the night and deserves extra props for organizing her own birthday party! Make sure to check out everyone's homepages for information about upcoming shows.

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