In an unusual move, we sidestep the sensational and attempt to put Japan's nerdy side into the proper context.

History of Akihabara
The story behind the city's transformation from black market to otaku mecca.

Not quite mainstream and not quite niche, otaku culture is at the crossroads for the new generation.

Madoka Magica: Growing to Character and Beyond
Is Madoka better or worse off for relying on moe tropes to push its narrative?

Tiger and Bunny: Criminally Bad CG or Heroic Effort?
Breaking down traditional hand-drawn cell animation versus computer graphics to explain why CG looks strange, even when done well.

Macross: Do You Remember How Goofy It Was?
Plenty of things from the 80's are ridiculous in retrospect. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross is no exception.

Takekuma Festival
The author of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga hosts a round-table discussion on the origins of nerd culture and what it means for an amateur to go pro.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt: Innovation Through Junkfood
Studios use royalties from merchandising to help fund independent productions, some more alienating than others.

A critical look at how the Tokyo International Anime Fair stacks up against the Anime Contents Expo and what the split means for fans and the industry.

Making Sense of Dollers
Everything you wanted to know about dressing up like an anime girl but were afraid to ask.

Maniac Mansions
Peak inside the secret base of a Kazuo Umezu super fan.

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