Saturday, August 28, 2010

TSB: Year One

Somehow we've managed to keep this mess going for a year! It's been nothing but non-stop fun, from the ridiculous events to obscure manga and creepy cosplay. The blog started as a way for us to transmit the odd things we dug up on the weekends before going on to emit a low, droning hum that slowly drew like-minded people to us like graboids to footfalls.

We've compiled a list of our Top 10 posts from the past year. They represent important firsts, older posts that didn't get the love they deserved, and most importantly, fringe hobbyism finally made available in English! Enjoy the fruits of our labor, only slightly spoiled by age.

Yokoi Gunpei's House of Gaming
A three-part summery of the rare and out of print biography of gaming's greatest innovator, Yokoi Gunpei. His name is synonymous with the Game Boy, Metroid, and plethora of childhood memories. But did you know about the whimsical toys he developed before the Game & Watch or the true story behind the Virtual Boy? It's all here, and more.
(Special thanks goes to Demerin Kaneko for loaning this to us for the post!

Prince Shotoku
A word of warning before you jump in: Reading Prince Shotoku is the same as going down on Madonna too soon. Everything else in your life will pale by comparison. But oh, it's worth selling your soul to plumb the depths of wanton pleasure.

Moé! Moé! Cthulhu Fhtagn!
Like chocolate natto, the Moe Moe Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia is a magic combination that makes the disgusting palatable, if not pleasant. Consider it a gateway drug for the harder stuff we've got lined up. Note: Voidmare hates this post

The Joy of Cooking With Insects
Join us on our culinary adventure under the rug where we learn how cockroaches can save humanity from starvation.

Zenryoku Saka
Hot girls running up hills! Catch it Monday through Thursday from 1:15 AM!

BLObPUS Interview
Our first interview and it really shows. I remember, the first thing I asked BLObPUS was, "Hey, do you know where BLObPUS is?" Still, he's got the sickest soft vinyl designs in the country and he deserves all the coverage he can get.

Welcome to Planet Jaguar
Armed with the flamboyance of Ziggy Stardust, the nasal rasp of Bob Dylan, and the production values of a karaoke track, Jaguar was poised to reshape the musical landscape in his image. Find out more about him and his public access TV show.

Top 10 Creepy Japanese PSAs
The Japanese Ad Council has been scaring the country into obedience since 1971. Come see the best nightmare fuel that their fright chemists have concocted over the decades.

Galaxy Ginza

We dip our toes into the toxic pool of scanlation with the irreverent Galaxy Ginza. See you all in L.A. tomorrow night! BABY!!!

I'm overjoyed that the Janus Collection's official release of House brought it to an international audience, and at the same time saddened that it made this article obsolete. It's still up for posterity's sake. At the very least it's worth keeping as a repository of the film's craziest kills!

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a birthday without presents! Consider this a secret re-post that couldn't make the Top 10 list. What could it be? You'll find out after opening it!

CLICK HERE, Lars-chan!

We managed to dig this first in the first year and we're only now hitting our stride. Who can say what pay dirt we'll hit in the second? Stay tuned for more of the niche research and irrelevant information you've come to expect from TSB.


  1. happy anniversary to tsb!! i have enjoyed reading all of your articles and i want you guys to keep entertaining us with your scummy journey! but yeah, time flies! i should bake an anniversary macchome-man cake or something for you two when i get there!

  2. I found out about you guys via SAME HAT! and you are now one of my must-read blogs. Wow. What a year it's been. Thanks for the "Best of..." post, there's so much neat stuff I missed out on reading about. Fukushima Masami! Vinyl toys! JAGUAR!!! (not the one who plays the recorder...)

  3. @Fortune: I am holding you to your word on that cake!

    @Root: Thank you! Dr. Senbei will be thrilled that someone else appreciates Jaguar. We have a lot of manga related posts coming up, hope you dig them.

  4. Congrats for this blog. I discovered this blog when I found the excellent Kazuo Umezz interview. I will read all the selected posts in this top 10!

  5. Happy anniversary indeed. I came here for the Cosplay Nazi's and have been impressed by all the article's you guy's post. You are my fave blog about the Japanese culture and I wish you all success and happiness in your future endeavours.

  6. @Fortune: It has to be a real cake! None of this strawberry and nama cream seafoam nonsense.

    @Root: Jaguar is waiting to go viral but for the time being he'll be our little secret.

    @Reuben: Thanks for reading! The Top 10 is all over the place so ought to find something just your style.

    @gclot: Cosplay Nazis, you say? Stay tuned for the Nazi memorabilia shop!