Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Top 10 Creepy Japanese PSAs

The name AC (Japanese Ad Council) might not ring any bells at first, but if you have ever lived in Japan you've definitely heard their "A~C~" jingle. They produce well made, thought provoking commercials, but who cares about that? Their PSAs make "This is Your Brain on Drugs" look like part of a well-balanced breakfast. Here are the creepiest of the crop:

10. The Crawling Hands

There are approximately 38,000 unsanctioned school BBSs, some of which exist for character assassination and slander. The Internet isn't a torture device.
I almost cut this one, mainly because this kid looks like he deserves, but a top 9 list just felt awkward.

9. Withering Life

Stop global warming. At this rate, humans will wither up and die along with the future of the planet.
This is a by the numbers creep out, reversed sound and images of a humanoid tree withering. The reversed AC jingle at the beginning is what got this one on the list.

8. Is That Sick Track Making Your Neighbors Ill?

This one cooler than it is creepy, but I liked it enough to put it at #8. How did they do that magnetic animation?

7. Babies Making Babies

There are a lot of childish mothers these days. Just giving birth doesn't make you a parent.
Eraserhead tribute? This is part one of a series. Part two, Childish Fathers, can be seen here.

6. How to Kill Mermaids from the Safety of Your Own Kitchen

69% of all sea pollution comes from our kitchen drains. We can save our oceans without leaving our houses. It starts in the kitchen.
This one, along with #7, were clearly ghost directed by David Lynch. Can that statistic really be true? No wonder mermaids haven't been sighted since indoor plumbing was invented.

5. No. Freaking. Way.

Just one hit from that bong, one line of that powder, and you can kiss your life goodbye. You are no longer human.
That same spiral staircase shot was in Uzumaki, only that dude took the shortcut straight down. I guess they both looked the same in the end.

4. Kitchen Mama
Stimulants are destroying the lives of curious housewives, business men and young people across the nation. Seek cheap thrills, destroy your life. Together, we can kick this national drug habit.
This is the godmother of Japanese anti-drug commercials. Either that kid was Shakespearean trained, or some wicked stuff is happening underneath that table. Ever since Requiem for a Dream track marks have freaked me out, knocking this up a few notches higher than perhaps it should be.

3. Imagination- The Black Art

"Just draw whatever is in your heart"
Stop killing imagination.
The most recent, cinematic and well known of all these PSAs. This one caused quite a stir when it was first aired. I can't really think of any smart ass comments, this is a world class ad. That being said, WTF is that thing? I have been in Japan far too long to have an imagination anymore. Is it a whale or an eggplant? The Rorschach test of Japanese advertisements.

2. The Mask of Indifference

"I don't want to just ignore it, but if I say something I'll be their next target. If only one of us had the courage to stand up to them, if only..."
Why don't you be that someone? Stop hiding behind the mask of indifference. Take the first step towards ending bullying.
This commercial continues to draw flak for calling people to crawl out of their personal space bubbles. Is it a coincidence that this aired during the height of Kinnikuman's popularity and the masks look just like those worn by Ashuraman and Warsman?

1. House Curry vs. Japanese Ad Council Mashup

The Japan of old is long gone. Trust no one.
(Alternate Niko Niko Douga link)

This one isn't even real, but it needs to be! I see elementary kids out alone all over Tokyo. There is no way that mothers would even let their kids out of the house after seeing this. Everything about this commercial is terrifying. The music is BGM from the classic horror visual novel, Kamaitachi no Yoru.


  1. wow, #1 is really scary...
    i personally liked #3.

  2. Number 1 is hilarious! Well done to whoever made it ^_^

  3. He drew a heart in number three.