Monday, August 23, 2010

Umezu Movie Posters

When we first started this blog, I did a few posts on my Japanese movie poster and flyer collection but stopped for reasons I can't remember. More than likely I just forgot, but I'm back on track! Here are a couple cross collectible gems on display in the TSB laboratory:

Ohbayashi's Infamous The Drifting Classroom (alternate illustrated edition)

The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch
(triple feature with Gamera vs. Gaos and Warning From Space!!!)


  1. Got that Drifting Classroom poster around here somewhere - THE BEST!!! The Snake Girl one gets KILLER points, though, coz it has Gamera too!

  2. lovin the hebimusume to hakuhatsuma poster!!!!! it's like awesomeness tripled!

  3. Man, that's a rad triple feature! Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch is a kick ass movie, I wish someone would release it in the US with subs so I can dump this crummy old vhs bootleg...

  4. @Velocitron- Yeah, I love the coloring on the Drifting Classroom poster! I kind of feel like a poser having that triple feature poster, though, because I haven't seen the movie on the top and have been too lazy to track it down. Oh well.

    @Fortune: I'd like to think of it as awesomeness to the third degree

    @Karswell: I would count yourself lucky to even have that! Where were you able to find it? It seems like an unlikely candidate for profit-minded bootleggers