Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Galaxy Ginza

Title: Galaxy Ginza (ギャラクシー銀座)
Serialized in: Big Comic Spirits
By: Kenichiro Nagao

Genre: Midnight kiss

1. Punk rock
2. Scathing Social Commentary
3. Dirty Jokes
4. Drug fueled P.R.A.N.K. calls
5. Randomly Inserted Hyper 70s Psychedelic art
6. A Hero for the Masses

Galaxy Ginza contains all this and more in the first 11 pages, which I was nice enough to translate into English!

The first two volumes of this have been out for a while, but when I did an English search for it to see what other people thought of it, I couldn't find anything. Instead of writing a review, I will let it speak for itself. Click on the thumbnails below to read the first chapter.

The series goes on to include:

7. Choir Girls that Repeatedly Swallow/Puke an Alien to Hide it from the Government
8. Host Clubs that Send Over Retro-Hunks on Locomotives
9. Feminazis with Erotic Body Paint and Accompanying Guitarists
10. Many more Dirty Jokes
11. Power
12. Corruption
13. Lies

.... and way more!
If you need any other reason to pick it up, give it up. Everyone else, buy it on Amazon so I don't feel so guilty for posting it here!


  1. where did you find this crap? hilarious! thanks for sharing.

  2. i was thinking the guy looked like someone, but now i know who. the singer from anzenchitai. i'm pretty sure the author liked them.

  3. I got the third number in a sale sell for charity about japan. And i want to read it all SO HARD.
    Any way to get it?
    Where did you get those translated scans?

  4. Voidmare actually did the first chapter just to see what it would be like to scanlate a manga. Long story short, it's too much work for a single man! If you heap enough praise on him maybe he'll get motivated to put something out there.

  5. God, I've been to Japan and found all four numbers at Nakano Broadway for the smallest price ever... too bad I can't understand a word, I'm just looking ad the drawing, hypnotised. Thank you for translating this part, huge favor you made!!