Sunday, April 24, 2011

Killer Snake Wreacks Havoc in Harajuku

As if it wasn't congested enough, megaphone toting police had to be brought in for crowd control as all of Harajuku looked on in terror while this snake slithered up and down the station street sign this afternoon. Imagine my glee every time it threatened to slink down the pole, sending goth lolis and drag queens running and screaming in all directions!

snake in harajuku (3 of 1)

snake in harajuku (1 of 1)

snake in harajuku (2 of 1)


  1. When did this happen? I didn't even notice...

  2. That's all kinds of awesome.

  3. Found a video of them taking it down:

  4. By "taking it down" I think you mean "poking it until it falls unceremoniously on the concrete." Japan's finest save the day again.

    If only this had happened during the anti-nuclear energy hippie parade.

  5. looks like a biggie :-(
    wonder what kind of snake that was

  6. From the shape of it's head and skin patterns I am pretty sure it was a young python, but I am no Beast Master.