Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kichijoji Animation Film Festival 2010

The 5th annual Kichijoji Film Festival was held yesterday as part of Kichijoji Anime Wonderland. Hometown animation companies Studio 4 C and studio Studio Deen, as well as manga publisher Coamix, were there to represent their turf. They were backed up by academic manga researchers from Kyoto Seika University, Takekuma Kentaro and Tsugata Nobuyuku.

From early Studio Ghibli to gag and gore manga maestro Umezu Kazuo, Kichijoji has a long history as a fertile birthplace for alternative media. According to the judging committee, these works walk the fine line between art and entertainment, never being so mindless as to be hollow, but at the same time never so pretentious as to loose the audience.

These selected works best fit the committee's unique image of Kichijoji's smart entertainment. Sadly, only a handful are available online, so this collection does not represent the opinions of the judges.

One final note: When you have all the world's media at your fingertips, it becomes easy to scan and skip over what does not immediately grab us. Each of these works are comparatively short, so please stick with them until the end.

Climber by Nonaka Masashi.

Nemurase Sensei by Nonaka Masashi.

A Demon of Smoke by Mashimo Yu.

-united colors of bean by Asai Yasushi.


  1. Out of all the shorts here the one that I can relate to is the 2nd one. I've been to couple classes where the teacher would talk very monotone and then I would fight the urge not to fall asleep.

  2. I like how the teacher knowingly looks over his shoulder at the end. Being exceptionally boring is how these living mummies get their jollies.

  3. The united colors of bean was one of the most awesome things I have seen recently. I want that as my soundtrack for life.

  4. Those dudes won an award at the event so I'm sure they'll be back again with fresh tunes. Just you wait!

  5. this video is by the Japanese band Linear Motor