Friday, September 24, 2010

My Posse's on Broadway: Recomints SIDE B

Since its inception 23 years ago, the Recomints group has made it their mission to bring offbeat music and movies to the public eye. From videocassettes to laser disks to DVDs, Recomints Side-B has always supported underground directors and foreign filmmakers.

Looking to get your hands on Roman Porno and Toei yakuza flicks that haven’t yet been released internationally? They carry every notable exploitation flick from the 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Recomints SIDE-B's recommended directors:

Matsue Tetsuaki

Born to Korean parents, Matsue’s Zainichi upbringing gives him a unique pair of cultural eyes to peer through the camera with. Borrowing a page from self-made porn star Company Matsuo's playbook, his man-off-the-street style documentaries have taken him to the top of the independent circuit as the director to keep watch on.

Annyeong Yumika, his most recent foray into playful lewdness, chronicles his journey to Korea to track down the true story of Hayashi Yumika, a porn starlet who appeared in over 180 films during her 16 year career (one of them a rumored Korean skin flick) before passing away under mysterious circumstances at the age of 35.

Wakamtsu Koji

A virtuoso of the flesh, this reformed Yakuza’s anarchist films made him no shortage of enemies both domestically and abroad in Russia and Germany. He transformed Pink Films into a soapbox for the revolution with Ecstasy of the Angels and others.

After walking away from commercial films when the censors burst the bawdy bubble in the mid 80’s, he has since resurfaced with an award winning expose on the fall of the Japanese United Red Army and his take on the Edogawa Ranpo classic, Caterpillar.


  1. Good post. I know this shop in Nakano Broadway.

  2. @Dan Ryan: Thanks Dan! This is one of the better DVD shops around town. Sadly, a large number of raunchy titles have yet to see a DVD release in Japan, but if it exists they have it.