Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kazuo Umezu Live in Kochijoji (9-5-2010)

This Sunday, Umezu Kazuo was the opening act for the crochety (though somehow socially accepted) Izumiya Shigeru who took the stage with songwriter Wakui Koji and his ensemble. The event was the latest in a series of free outdoor concerts sponsored by Art Life, a local movement working to raise art awareness through public galleries and performances.

However, as Izumiya Shigeru is the kind of prick that would ask someone in a wheelchair to give up their seat to him, we're only going to talk about Kazz and his band, Caps!

The rock and roll trio of Caps is: Vocals: Kazz; Guitar: Kurobe; Drums: Nai-nai.

They kicked things off with Umezu's self-proclaimed theme song, Hebi Shojo.

Kurobe mugging for the crowd.

Cat-eyed boy KICK! You know you've got a good thing going if you're 74 and still pulling off moves like this on stage.

Kazz and Demerin bust out the titular pose for Gwash! Makoto-Chan.

MJ's backup dancers have nothing on Makoto Mushi.

Not everyone can be The Rolling Stones, but we can all pretend.

After Kazz and Co. evacuated the stage, we took a stroll through Inokashira Park to cool off. Once there, we were lucky enough to catch the manga reciting guy right as he was closing up shop.

He gave us his spirited interpretation of Umezu's brutal horror hodge-podge, Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil. Thank you in advance for the nightmares. Not bad for a lazy Sunday.

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