Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comiket 77 Day 3: Booty and Even More Cosplay Pics

Not that kind of booty! Here's my (tiny) haul from the last 3 days:

From Shintaro Kago's booth. The illustration reminds me of someone I know inside what I see as an improved Taco Che. The booklet contains drawings of various ways to commit suicide. While that idea has been done to death, there are some really killer drawings inside. Maybe I'll do a post about it later. Mad street cred goes to the first person that can identify the movie poster in the background.

Although he was very polite, I couldn't help but feel that he was pretty annoyed whenever I or anyone else tried to talk to him. What can you expect?

The Kinnikuman yaoi book I mentioned yesterday. The story begins with Terryman dropping off his son at babysitter Kinnikuman's house. I'll let you guess the rest... Good grief.

There was a guy dressed as Waldo in the cosplay pit who refused to GWASH! for the camera, but gave me a piece a candy. Here's the cosplay. As always, the album at the end has 100+ additional pics.

This is Jaguar, I don't care what the guy in the costume says.

She had to learn the hard way...

... that there is nothing an adventurer dreads more than a box with teeth!



More Saint Niisan cosplay, this time with Budda.

Tao Pai Pai's "殺" translated into Engrish.

I feel slightly ashamed for having known who they were... Award for most original costumes.

Caption contest time! Leave something in the comments.

Full album here
Comiket 77 Day 3

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  1. Very cool to see all this massive photo dump! Got my siked on going to comiket even if it's just for the cosplay cheers.