Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tickle Me Pink Lady

Combing used bookstores always results in cool junk that would be nice to have but not absolutely necessary. How many guides to Kaiju anatomy does one man need? When all gems shine with the same luster they became a commodity the same as coal. It's the little eccentric glimmers that keep me coming back.

This made my day. A Pink Lady coloring and activity book? Hardly improbable but wonderfully unexpected. Let's see what kind of situations Mie and Kei have gotten themselves into this time!

Lookin' good cruising through space on a UFO.

Secret agent Mei sneaking around on her galactic mission. The book really rides the UFO wave.

Help the duo skateboard their way to their favorite foods!

Whatever happened to Pink Lady? Like all stars they eventually imploded, but not before trying to stage a comeback overseas. Their American variety show, Pink Lady and Jeff, was pulled after a mere six episodes.

It seems downright criminal that anything featuring Jim Varney (aka Ernest) and a hot tub filled with a full host of Playmates would get the axe. Apparently even the cheesecake factor wasn't enough to compensate for the fact that Pink Lady had no idea what the English lines they were being fed meant!

If we get enough requests for it, I'll go ahead and scan the entire book.

You can learn more about "the most bizarre show on television" over web 1.0-riffic fansite, Pink Lady America.


  1. whoa! this is totally sweet!!! why didn't you get me the book?!!? boo!

  2. Pretty rad dude :) Pink Lady's popularity in America (and their media appearances, hosting gigs, etc) are really, really odd.


  3. written by Mark Evanier, the writer of Groo.