Monday, October 12, 2009

Yamomark Custom Show at Kaiju Blue

Growing up with the Ultraman series and Toei monster films gave artist Yamomark a hunger for vinyl figures as a child, a hunger that his parents failed to sate. And we should all be thankful for that! As an adult, the years of suppressed passion for Kaiju exploded as he answered the call. Just last April, he shifted his energies from making handbag clasps to designing toys for the eternally juvenile.

Illustrations of sentai hero Nickel Mask. He's even got his own manga!

Yamomark approaches Kaiju from a different angle than most artists. He takes common motifs from popular kitsch fashion—frogs, mushrooms, and eggplants—and turns them into monsters with slavering jaws and popping pastel colors.

Photos by BloPus and others combine two great tastes--girls and slimy monsters!

These loud figures fit right in with the rest of Kaiju Blue's (English/Japanese) gregarious displays and darkly cute fashion. Expect a detailed write-up in the future. For the time being, go to Yamomark's blog to see his recent creations and stop by Marui-1 in Shinjuku and peep their other limited edition vinyl before it’s too late!

Yamomark Custom Show


  1. Hi,
    Great photos! You mention that the creator of Yamomark is a "she" however I found the following interview showing that the Yamomark creator is a 'he', the artist is Doki Satoru and gives great background information, here is the link:

    Interview with Doki Satoru of Yamomark


  2. Tulku-Thanks for the correction! I can't remember where I got the notion that they were a female, but now I know better.