Sunday, October 25, 2009

Umezu Kazuo Meets Dario Argento

Here is our quasi-entry for the Italian Horror Blog-a-Thon. Check it out and learn something new about the gory sub-genre that could.

is more faithful to Umezu's manga than the films based on his actual works, with beautiful girls dying brutal deaths, an otherworldly soundtrack, and gorgeous Gothic sets. Am I the only one hoping to see Argento bring something like Baptism to life in the future?

While you're waiting for the stars to align and bring us the horror collaboration that was always meant to be, enjoy this clip from Umezu Kazuo's 1994 visit to Rome where he meets special effects man Sergio Stivaletti, Dario Argento, and receives a guided tour of the Argento museum located under his movie memorabilia shop, Profondo Rosso.

The special is around an hour long and can be seen in its entirety here. If you're sick of celebrity travelogues where they prattle endlessly about how oishii the local delicacies are, you'll be happy to see him learn how to eat eyeballs at an open air meat market, turn the town's fountain into a geyser of gore, and tour crypts for the nameless dead.

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