Friday, October 9, 2009

Little Picassos

Nothing to brighten up a lazy Sunday visit to Nakano Broadway like artwork by local children! Their work lining the walls along the stairwells is free and better than 99% of what you'll find at real "art" galleries. Follow me on a wild adventure into the mind of a child.

Look at those razor-sharp chompers on this kid's family! Being raised by cannibals has covered the boy's world with a veneer of human skin so that even eyeballs look like juicy, fleshy treats.

I'd be happy too if I had a pet dinosaur that shat rainbows.

Children often call out for help in the most unexpected of ways, and this painting is a poignant example. I hope her family reacts positively to her lycanthropy and provides her with the care she needs.

If autobiographical works like Basket Case have taught us anything, its that monster babies are nothing but trouble. But if they were born into a family of mutant freaks? Problem solved! Just don't you discriminate against them, lest you become a monster yourself.

Here the artist uses physical metamorphosis as a metaphor for one man's descent into madness. The progressive shrinking represent his dwindling sanity, and balding is used as a motif to show the passage of time. Brilliant!

Where do these scamps get their crazy ideas from? Not being old enough to have their creative spark be ground into the dirt by society is a big part of it. Lack of parental censorship is another. In a childhood with goose-stepping Monchichis, anything goes.

Little Picassos

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