Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mangaka Band Wars '09

For those of you Tokyo scumbags who read my previous posts and felt bummed you couldn't make it to Kyoto, here's some good news. "Mangaka Band Wars", a small annual music fest where underground cartoonists get together to show off their musical chops, will be held in Tokyo next weekend! Coincidentally, both of the artists I featured will be in the show! In addition to Ms. Shimao and Mr. Sakabashira, other talented, eccentric artists will also be there. Don't miss it!

"Mangaka Band Wars '09"
October 11, 2009 (Sun.) @ Shinjuku Red Cloth
TEL: 03-3202-5320
Open-5:00pm, Start-5:30pm
Ticket-1800yen + Drink (2300yen + D @ door)

Yojou Jin'in
Yoshiharu Mitsumoto(Junpu) + Yusaku Hanakuma (Tokyo Zombie)
Tomohiro Koizumi (Seishun Kinzoku Bat)
Maho Shimao + Yusaku Hanakuma
Rouden Ginza
Imiri Sakabashira
Urbangals Quartet
Katsuo Kawai (Nihon no Jitsuwa) + Jun Hanyunyu (Koi no Mon) + Michihiro Hori (Seishun Uruwashi! Urushibu)

Special Guests
Genki Iizou
Odawara Dragon (Kogyaru-sushi)

There will be picture-story shows between band performances, so I hope you can hold it for extended periods of time!

Lawson ticket code: 74630

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