Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Galeria de Muerte

The mad butcher at rest.

The gate to Hell has never been so unassuming. Following the Fulchi tradition, this nondescript building in Ueno’s back streets hides Galeria de Muerte, whose activities over the past two years have been surreptitiously spreading the dark miasma that fuels Tokyo’s underground death metal scene.

Venture up its stairs to a grotesque display of the blackest metal art this side of the River Styx. The gallery features art books, framed prints and apparel splattered with designs from the biggest names in the business and raising talent. If that wasn’t enough to sate your inner gore hound, check out their original artwork from Vincent Locke, Ed Repka and others.

Gallery owner Narutoshi Sekine is a true embassadry of evil. During his fifteen years on the scene he has made blood pacts with foreign bands and artists to disseminate death metal throughout Japan. He even started his own record label, Obliteration , because no one on the Japanese side was willing to make a deal with the devil and sign his band, Butcher ABC.

There’s a lot going on for non-metal fans as well. In addition to a killer collection of CDs, art and T-shirts, he is also putting out a charming hand-illustrated travelogue of Mexico written by his wife. The other half of the gallery houses rotating exhibits from artists both inside and outside of Japan whose subjects vary from demonic to demure. Girls Vol. 2, which we mentioned a few post ago, is up now.

Narutoshi himself is a Pandora’s box of information. He is your 'in' to the local scene and touring internationally with his band has widened his influence across the darkest corners of the earth. Galeria de Muerte is far off the beaten track but well worth the search. Just don't expect to be the same person coming out as you were going in.

Thanks to Hanawa-san for putting us on to this place!

*VOIDMARE EDIT*This is the sickest zine I have ever seen. Period. Buy or DIE!

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