Monday, September 7, 2009

"Girls Vol. 2" Exhibit Pics

We stopped into Galeria de Muerte today to check out their "Girls Vol. 2" exhibit. The small but worthwhile show has selected works from Yuki Snow (London), Naoko Fukui (Tokyo) and Aya Kakeda (New York). My personal favorite of the 3 was Yuki Snow. The way she stitched yarn into her paintings really made them pop off the canvas when viewed in person. The other two girls are no slobs, either. The show runs through September 19th, with Aya Kakeda doing an in-store Q&A session at 15:00 on the 13th (we wish we could make it, but we'll be too busy at the Umezz Carnival!)

Go for the artwork and stay for the vast collection of underground Mexican death metal CDs!

more pics
the exhibit!

"Girls" Vol. 2 @ Galeria de Muerte

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