Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Umezu Ukiyo-E Show

The Shimokitazawa GAoh! is holding an exhibition of Kazuo Umezu Ukiyo-E prints until September 27th. Same Hat! has pictures of the prints up, but the crisp line work and glam of the reflective material have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

While the prints are the main attraction, GAoh! is also selling original Umezu goods such as pins as well as discounted manga sets. The upstairs gallery features an intimate photo collection of the man himself posing in his favorite local haunts and shouting out against pollution from the top of landfills.

Unfortunately photography was prohibited, but the exhibit booklet contained some choice information, including an illustrated explanation of the Ukiyo-E printing process.

The exhibit is free so there's no reason not to go if you have the time. If that wasn't incentive enough, Galt Stage is holding a series of horror related seminars and parties right down the street. Get there!


  1. Looks awesome. Thanks for the heads up going there ASAP!

  2. Our pleasure man. Be sure to check in with over the next few days for our guest columns on Umezz Carnival!

  3. I might have to hit up his live event on the 23rd. Sounds like an awesomely great time.