Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comiket 83: Photodump

Comiket 83 otaku and loli dojinshi.
What a haul! Comiket 83 will be remembered for posting record attendance numbers on Day 3 despite giving into terrorist treats against Kuroko's Basketball. Controversy aside, it was business as usual with cosplayers, otaku, and pornographers in their natural element with us there to capture the proceedings on film.

Last season's anime adaptation brought the gangs of Araki fans out of the woodwork for a display of the gaudy, distorted, and just plain bizarre. A word of warning to would-be stardust crusaders—the contorted poses required for Jojo-dachi are intended for trained professionals only. Don't try this at home.
Comiket 83 Jojo cosplay.
Comiket 83 Kakyoin cosplay.
ComiketDay2 (1 of 13)
Comiket 83 Araki-Sensei cosplay.
Comiket 83 Dio cosplay WRYYYYY.

Genuine Article
A vast majority of event-goers get suited up as a type of performing art or simply to show their love for the source material. Unfortunately, they are less interesting to photograph than the goods further down.
Comiket 83 Jojo cosplay.
Comiket 83 Psycho-Pass cosplay.
Comiket 83 Resident Evil 6 Piers cosplay.
Comiket 83 Resident Evil Hunk cosplay.
Personally, I prefer costumes that provide low-brow gags executed with the grace of an artisan.
Shima-shima panty thief.
Cosplay of Homura with a Super-scope.
Nausica God Warrior cosplay at Comiket 83.
Dragon Quest Golem cosplay from Comiket 83.
Attack on Titan cosplay at Comiket 83.
Creepy and Candid
Though the seasons change and KyoAni heroines fall out of favor, you can always count on the incorrigible Camera Kozoh to be the most interesting part of the event. Outrageous outfits, Jojo-dachi, and unintentional hilarity—these dudes embody everything that's right (and wrong) about Comiket!
Otaku witha  gun at Comiket 83.
Bald otaku watching Ranka-Lee cosplay at Comiket 83.
Pervert otaku crotch shot at Comiket 83.
Otaku photographer at Comiket 83.
Jojo-dachi cameraman at Comiket 83.
Same hat! Same hat!
Be sure to check out the Flickr Photoset for everything else that wasn't fit for print, as well as our Comiket albums assembled over the past few years.


  1. The subtle undertones of your camera's focus on the balding head of the salaryman as he is getting ready to frame, for his collection, the scantly clad nymphette teetering on the edge of focus is the sure sign of a master's craft.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed.

    1. That's my favorite photo of the bunch, thanks for picking up on it.
      Snapping cosplayers is fine and all, but 10 years down the road I think that shots showing the vibe from the time will be more important than a popularity yearbook.