Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Up From the Depths!

Artstorm tightens their stranglehold as king of giant vinyl toys with their release of Kaiju Gyo!

The beast is loose from the pages of the 1972 horror manga of the same name by Umezu Kazuo. I can't get over the details and chromatic color scheme of each fleshy scale and membranous appendage. Imagine the damage this veritable land shark could do with its double row of teeth.

Gyo attacks! This should put the size of this guy into perspective. He'll eat your other figures for lunch. Seriously, handling it feels like you're cradling a mutant baby dipped in formaldehyde.

As it's common for mythological Japanese creatures, Gyo settle their differences in the sumo ring. Judging by the battle-damaged Baltan Alien standing ringside, refereeing is an occupational hazard waiting to happen.

Quick aside on the Artstorm/Umezu Kazuo Ultraman collaborations:

Umezu Kazuo wrote Ultraman manga for Sun Wide comics in the late 60's. However, given the technology at the time, the production studio only had still photographs from the set to provide for reference materials. Without detailed schematics of the characters, Umezu was forced to fill in the gaps with his imagination, hence the line of Ultraman figures designed with that special Umezu touch. The winged Baltan Alien in particular stands out as an Umezu original.

It's unfair to tease you with these awesome figures once they're already sold out, so luckily we have one extra Kaiju Gyo and Winged Baltan Alien available for sale. Shoot us a mail if you're interested!

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