Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween at Kaiju Blue

Kaiju Blue brings the American Halloween spirit of creep-out and gore to Shinjuku with their exhibition of monster masks and photography by special effects school Amazing School Jur. This is the same team responsible for the putrid princess fashion show at Design Festa, so you know we're talking about the best in the business.

This is just a taste of the ghastly decor. Normally Shinjuku is nothing more than a bump in the road to someplace more interesting, but with exhibits like these you have a compelling reason to stop by the arsehole of Tokyo.

Students from Amazing School Jur will be there through Halloween to give you the self-mutilation version of a temporary tattoo. I would get phantom pains every time I looked at my hand, but maybe it was just the latex pulling my skin. Check their blog for more info and details about their special demonstration on Halloween!

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