Monday, July 15, 2013

Cockroach Combine Skitters Into Yasukuni Shrine

Gather round, gather round! Japan's finest traveling freak show has returned to Yasukini Shrine's Mitama festival after a four year hiatus. Prepare your camera—and stomach—before venturing inside to witness the most depraved savages still privileged to enjoy the light of day. This is Gokiburi Konbinaato—the Cockroach Combine—where they pride themselves in their depravity.

SEE the charming Snake Woman slither across stage with her serpent lover draped across her bare body!

CHEER the Wild Tribesmen as they chase down a live chicken to offer in sacrifice to their ancient Gods!

MARVEL at Prehistoric Man, impervious to pain as he pulls a brick-loaded cart strung from the metal spike piercing his cheeks!

GASP at the Human Crane, whose emanciated frame belies the endurance to suspend objects attached to a chain running through his nose and mouth!

FEAR the shocking Worm Man as he walks the pet parasite that has taken up residence inside his nematode-addled brain!

Sorry folks, show's over! That's all they could get away with at a family friendly spot like Yasukuni Shrine without upsetting the PTA and the ancestral spirits of enshrined war criminals. They're taking their act to club Kagurazaka Explosion on August eighth for an evening of unrestrained madness. Pregnant women or those with a heart condition are recommended to consult their physician before attending.

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