Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The motto of toy camera photography is "don't think, just shoot" and we've definitely got the first part nailed down.  Lengthy observations about life in Japan sit heavy on the psyche but only tell a fraction of the story. We need to capture the moment on film, bring out the flavor, and break it down into bite-sized squares—the perfect visual snack with all the requisite empty calories. After all, they say that those who eat what they want but are a little pudgy live longer than those who starve themselves thin for the sake of what's considered to be in fashion.

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Haikyo in Japan

Haikyo in Japan with grafitti

Vampire rabbit statue

Japanese crossing guard in Akihabara

Sleeping hobo in JapanSleeping Otaku at Cybog 009 movie.Cat shrine in Ikebukuro

Okutama lake Haikyo in Japan

Burned out stairs in hospital haikyo

Ghostly curtains and sink in haikyo

Burned slippers in Japanese Haikyo

Pissing off ghosts in Haikyo toilet

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