Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Super Edition Bibliotheque

While essentially a re-post from Tokyo Damage Report’s walking tour guide, this hidden gem bears repeating and demands a visit.

Super Edition Bibliotheque is a library of design books from the world over with a focus on Japanese advertisements, typography, film, and fashion. The 500 yen entrance fee comes with a mean cup of coffee and grants you an all day pass to browse through the country's visual history in blissful solitude.

Personally I was taken by the beat-up issues of men’s lifestyle magazines from the 80’s (Playboy and Brutus), avant-garde posters of Terayama Shuji stage plays, and filmography books on the now nostalgic vision of Ozu Yasujiro.

To get there, walk left out of JR Harajuku station towards Yoyogi/Shinjuku and veer right at the first stoplight. Continue for a few minutes until you see the AM/PM convenience store on your left, Turn left at the AM/PM and the café will be on the left down the side street.

Address: Shibuya-ku sendagaya, 3-54-2 (渋谷区 千駄ヶ谷3-54-2)

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  1. I live in the boonies and there isn't even anything close like this store wise. There are only two comic shops near me in the next state over. I always find stuff that's never any value. Would love to see more places like this in the states more often. - Different Anonymous