Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dan Ryan's Tokyo in the Underbrush

Longtime reader and fellow blogger Dan Ryan recently sent us a link to a phenomenal photography portfolio he put together of tramps, drunks and homeless taken around Tokyo. Now before anyone goes and comments about how it's been done, let me point out why these photos are so impressive: For one, they were taken with a touch of class by someone who actually knows how to use a real camera, as opposed to someone playing with the toy camera app on their cruddy cellphone. Much more notably, they were taken over 20 years ago. Not only does that make him our daisenpai, but also a pioneering proto-Japan blogger! Below are a couple of my personal favorites, but be sure to see the whole set matched up with poetry on his blog, Dan Ryan's SmallStories.


  1. You honor me greatly by posting links to my work, and writing about it so enthusiastically. I'm very thankful for the day I discovered your excellent and off-beat blog. I recommend it to anyone who'll listen. Thanks --Dan Ryan

  2. Excellent photos. I particularly like the the way the first one is framed.