Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Super Festival 55 on Flickr

Did you know that we had a Flickr account? In addition to sets like this one from Super Festival 55 we also post photos that don't wind up on the blog, so be sure -to follow us!

Kazz is David Lee Roth's senior by 20 years, but that won't stop him from jacking his spot in Van Halen the next time they break up.

Group Gwash 1
Watching Kazz and the Gwash Dancers perform Makoto-chan Ondo in these summer festival getups, you would have never guessed that my balls had frozen to my thigh while waiting in line outside!

More like Absolutely Unlicensed!

Yamomark mask
Yamomark himself posing in his mushroom kaijin mask

Megazone 23: Shingo and Garland legos
Yes, that's Shingo from Megazone 23 riding a lego Garland, and YES, that's a lego Minmay behind him!! More Macross and Megazone 23 legos in the photo set.

The best find of the day! I have been kicking myself for forgetting to go back and buy this before we cut out for the day. Any information as to where it came from would be appreciated.

Once again, you can click here for the whole set.


  1. Great pics of Umezz! Ya gotta love him for his personality. Awesome stuff and I bet the price tags on some of them were expensive. Question. What was the most collectible item find you ever found but it was in the trash or tossed. I think the biggest finds for me was a desktop computer, laptop, Ds lite, NES games/Misc games, and Comics (Not trash but at a flea market.). - Different Anonymous

  2. I have to ask, does Demerin ever smile? I've yet to see a picture of her with a grin on her face.

  3. @Anonymous: To tell the truth, I have never been lucky enough to find a hidden collectible gem in the trash, however I often find discarded sex toys on the ground near the host/hostess district in my neighborhood. No joke.

    @Chicken George: Yes, not only does Demerin smile a lot, she has a great laugh that uses her whole body (provided you talk to her about male genitalia, eating poop or killing babies/hipsters). Again, no joke. The reason she doesn't smile in pictures has something to do with bushido, apparently.