Friday, August 13, 2010

Comiket 78: Day 1

A mixture of broiling humidity and the human stench of the throng hung over the event like hot swamp gas, sapping us of the will to protest. This time there's no rants about the sad state of fandom or inquests into the endless rows of pedophile dojinshi. Even the middle aged transvestites have become mere window dressing.

We braved the heat and moral ambiguity to bring you:


At least, I can relive my glory days of slaughtering hordes of goblins during my quest for the nefarious Witch King. The time of HeroQuesting is again upon us!

Everything in Dungeon Mania, from the game board, rules, and monsters are lifted wholesale from the Game's Workshop classic. The only thing it brings to the table is the delightfully generic fantasy box art, which may have been taken from any number of early 80's metal albums.

But enough nitpicking. Who wants to go on an adventure with me?

Another metal album-inspired purchase. It struck me as production art for the Vic Rattlehead Desert Storm trading card.

TSB's love for Tackle knows no bounds so we jumped on the chance to own the first fan-zine dedicated to our precious Electro-Magnetic Wave Human. She tears more Black Satan ass in these few pages than she did across the entirety of Stronger.

Anyone that's seen an episode of Kamen Rider has entertained the thought that they could write a better plot, but none have been so proactive to go through with it. Until now! Behold, the never to be produced sequel to Sky Rider in all of its well intentioned madness.

Follow Sky Rider through the daily trials and tribulations of adjusting to life as a modified human. How does it affect his love life? His friends? Could this be the Japanese Spider-Man we've always wanted?

I'm still in mourning over the passing of the realistic sketchy style of late 80's manga used to great effect by guys like Masamune Shirow, so I'm a sucker for any art shaded with an excessive use of pencil lines instead of screen tone. Being a collection of Resident Evil side stories is icing on the cake.

A bizarre fusion of robot suit costuming and your run of the mill bikini cheesecake. At any rate, hotter than most Asuka cosplay.

Robin Mask ready to Tower Bridge some mangy git

Shadow Man is getting a bit too Japonesque for her own good, but Dr. Wiley is in perfect form with his skull belt buckle.

Not pictured: The ping-pong ball in his ass.
(But seriously, does anyone know who he's supposed to be?)

The big brother of the Inugami clan gives us an appropriately disturbing pose.

We have a winner! All the other Haruhis can go home.

Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2 monitor the grounds, making sure that their child fans don't end up the subject of next season's dojinshi.

This is what the signs around the convention hall mean when they proclaim that "increased police protection is strongly in force."

Mr. Tranny Banana is so apeal-ing.

This one's for our fans on 2-chan.

The thronging mass plotting new ways to shock and disgust. Don't let us down!

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