Friday, May 21, 2010

Design Festa Vol. 31

We waded our way through the swamp of prostitute cosplayers, Suehiro Maruo knock-offs, and art school dreck to bring you the very best of Design Festa! This season's offerings felt sparser than last but there's still a decent amount of goodies to be had.


A student film project produced by members of Out Studio at the Chuo Institute of Technology.
The film's titular monster was standing outside the booth, flailing its vines menacingly at passers-by with the help of its puppeteer like a reject from Pee-Wee's playhouse. I haven't watched the DVD yet so I'll paraphrase their homepage:

The only thing that stands between earth and the alien invader is PURE MUSCLE. Just like how this analog film is the only thing that stands between you and 3DCG movies!

More recently they made kung-fu movie about people getting wrecked by a giant foam snake. Check out the previews on their site!

Dolls by Hayashi Midori

Pages upon pages of demonic home-made clay dolls, spider babies, franken-fetuses and other nightmare fuel.

CP-Ex Rebirth

Takes weirdo naked marionette fetishism to new depths of perversion by photoshopping gothic lolita girls to look like Pinocchio. Also contains composite photos and, uh, music videos of cosplay.


Dealing in panoramic paper craft of Shita-Machi and the independent anime Hashi no Mukou (The Other Side of the Bridge). Imagine The Triplets of Belleville set in Showa-era Japan.


Our pal Seibei hauled a lifetime supply of T-shirts on an auspicious journey east to make his Japanese debut. His designs bridge the gap between between Saturday morning cartoon nostalgia and hipster humor. Be sure to check him out!

Makiuchi Molding

Alligators, T-Rex, Chameleons--Reptiles from every shirt you owned in the 3rd grade, cast in solid metal!

Mr Ballhead's Helpless Circus

This title of this self-mutilating performance art wouldn't be out of place in a Perry Fellowship Bible comic. Check out his tumbler of faceless souls and spiral into the depths of depression together.

And that's it this time around. Did we overlook anything that needs a shout out? Drop us a line.


  1. I'm a firm believer the world needs more puppets and less CG especially the 3D variety.

  2. Any release date for Hashi no Mukou?

  3. @Roguebard: Yeah, the lack of puppets in movies these days bums me out. The real bummer is that even direct to video shlock is now using crappy CG instead of crappy monster suits. What’s up with that?

    @Rangiku: On a blog from the end of March he says he has 8 of the 10 minutes done so he’s trying to get it all together for a summer release. Keep tabs on his site for news!