Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kinnikuman T-Shirt Festival

Beneath its flaky exterior of brutal signature moves and fart jokes, Kinnikuman is built around a solid core of wrestling in-jokes and references, so its only natural that its apparel also be recognizably obscure and dense. The boys over at BamBamBigelow88 do not disappoint and bring to the ring the things that inspire man-children most: Metal albums, action figures, bone-crushing body slams, and limited edition T-shirts!

The Parco in Kichijoji is running a mini-Kinnikuman exhibition from now until May 13th as part of their NICE MEAT Spring collection. It you pick up one of the figures, shirts, or caps you also get a swag character pin so if you have even a passing interest in the series, wrestling, or things that are awesome you’d better stop on by. Tie-in products tend to be chintzy but these are the real deal. The quality of both the materials and design are top notch. You can tell that this stuff is made by fans that love the show and just want to spread the insanity.

According to urban legend, series writer Takashi Shimada asked artist Yoshinori Nakai to design a logo for their manga that could be drawn in the least possible number of strokes, for ease of graffiting across notebooks, desks, and bathroom walls. Where have I heard that before…?

Every piece of apparel tells a story and that story gets added to the ever growing muscle-bound mythology. You're not a true Gen-X slacker unless you know your Kinnikuman!

Kinnikuman Shop

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