Monday, April 12, 2010

Kazuo Umezu's 55th Anniversary Dinner Show (Part 1)

Last Sunday was Umezu Kazuo’s 55th Anniversary Dinner Show at Odaiba’s Culture Culture. This was a very personal event, an eat-and-greet of sorts with Kazz's long-time supporters seated around him. Tickets, of course, were open to the public, but you start to notice the same fans at these venues, making you feel like part of an extended Addam's family.

Since this is a dinner show, the obvious highlight would be the food. And since this is an Umezu event, the menu is guaranteed to be as stomach turning as his manga.

Squirmy Turd Curry

Not so obviously disgusting until you pour the drippy brown curry over the rice. The carrots should have been baby corn, however.

Makoto-Chan Macho-Me Macho-Me Onigiri

Wherever there’s one Macho-Me another is sure to follow… Though seemingly benign, especially in comparison to the rest of the night's fare, imagine having to cut the seaweed into hundreds of tiny circles and teardrops. Gyoe!

Chicken George Happy Birthday Chicken

As prophesized in the manga Fourteen, in the future chickens will be grown in vats as lumps of protein, ready to eat! Of course, this will be due to species extinction, not humanitarian reasons.

Cat-Eyed Boy Yokai Tumor Balls

Cancer cells are tuned specifically to their host body, making them benign to others. You can eat all the tumors you want and not worry about a thing!

Makoto-Chan GWASH!! Pancakes

Imagine all the damage you could do with a Gwash-shaped branding iron. Mark my words, self-cauterization will be the next big thing in fandom.

Meoto Garasu (夫婦烏)

Between mouthfuls of questionable quinine we were treated to musical acts from four of Kazz’s alter egos. Meoto Garasu (夫婦烏) warmed the crowd up with a haunting though disappointingly short set. Don’t worry, they’re not transvestites. Rather, they’re cosplaying the family from the Orochi movie, with Demerin as the father, Matsuda-San from Shogakukan Productions as the mother, and Kazz as the darling daughter Yoshiko. You can see them performing Shinjuku Garasu in this clip from last September’s Umezz Carnival Special Rock Live.


Kazz teams up with his guitarist Kurobe-sensei to form Caps, a hip-shaking duo all about old time rock ‘n roll. With shimmering costumes and provocative pelvic thrusts, he gave it his all to show the crowed a good time. Their longest set list to date included the theme from Cat Eyed Boy, Heartbreak Hotel, Rock Around the Clock and Paul Anka's You Are My Destiny. Be it behind his drawing easel or under the stage lights, Kazz is a true entertainer.

Kazz and Golden Friends (Keiko Tomokiyo and Demerin)

“Everyone houses a snake within themselves... And today, it wakens” The band of prophets carries their warnings across the shifting sands to the ports of Odaiba. Sadly you have to see their staccato shuffling in person for the full sensuously creepy effect, but at least you can hear the Snake Girl song on Youtube.

The GWASH!! Makoto-Chan Dancers

No event would be complete without the Gwash dancers to bring it all back home with Gwash!! Makoto-Chan. They seem to multiply like viruses and every time there’s more and more of them, spilling over the stage and threatening to overtake the audience. This time around Demerin traded in her pink Makoto Mushi outfit for Cat-Eyed Boy cosplay.

How does a 73-year old keep himself surrounded with throngs of young, attractive women? The secret to his rock star lifestyle lies with his young, attractive heroines...

NEXT TIME: Umezz Girls Top 10 Countdown!

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