Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Мишка Tokyo

With such sick, sick colorways and sophisticated parody designs of old toys, horror, comics, punk and metal nonsense it is no surprise that Mishka clothing has become the cornerstone of our wardrobes over the past few years. As if the guys at Mishka didn't think that their majority share of our closet space was enough, they've gone and set up shop in our backyard to make sure that we never wear anything else ever again!

Stop by their new shop at 3-28-5 Jingumae in Harajuku (MAP) to give your fashion sense a heavy dosage of re-agent and stick around to take in the decor, which includes vintage bootleg Madballs, dozens of pink skulls, a Masters of the Universe graveyard and an insane Lovecraftian chandelier!

Behind the counter they've also got a showcase of vinyl toys featuring not only their own in-house figures, but also the creations of local monster molders such as Velocitron. I get the feeling that this place is going to mutate into something far beyond just a clothing store. Only time will tell what the boys at Mishka are plotting for Tokyo.

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