Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ghoulish Local Tourism

The otherworldly hosts from Mizuki Shigeru's horror folklore series, Gegege no Kitaro, have been stalking Jr's Sakai Line since 1993 in the form of character themed trains. The four trains feature Kitaro, Neko Musume, Medama Oyaji, and most recently Nezumi Otoko. Each train is decorated like Kitaro's vest with black-and-yellow striped trim, but today the odious Nezumi Otoko received a suitably avarice paint-over.

Picture from Net Nihonkai Newspaper

Bam, solid gold! Or is it week old urine? Either one fits the greedy rat bastard. And think how stylin' you'll be when you roll int the Yokai Amusement Park. It's the next best thing to a ghost train, and it won't actually drag you to Hell, unlike some other Cat Buses that I know.

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