Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now I'm Never Going Back Home

Living in Japan, what do you miss the most about home? After the stock response of family and friends, I would have to say it’s creature comforts like insulated housing, good beer, and American comic books (manga fills a separate void).

Oh, and burritos.

Forget frescos and earth tones, industrial minimalism is the new face of American Mexican dining

Thank god for Frijoles, an authentic Qdoba/Chipolte/Baja Fresh style burrito and taco joint that opened up shop just a few weeks ago in Azabu-Juban. The plump stuffed self-supporting burritos (the true test of any burrito is whether or not it can stand up on its own) you thought you forever left behind in America are back. Real sour cream! Guacamole! FREE DRINK REFILLS!

Sure, you can gorge yourself on beefbowls, yaki-niku, or oversized ramen, but none of them provide the heartfelt satisfaction that comes from impregnating yourself with a burrito. And believe me, that little guy can kick.

Imagine this inside of you

REAL fountain drinks, not that swill they serve at family restaurants

I’m not trying to convince you to go. We didn't start taking on sponsers. This is a public service announcement. Consider it your stocking stuffer from TSB.


  1. Hopefully this chain becomes popular... I'm sick of having to buy 5,000¥ worth of ingredients at Meijiya everytime I want to make burritos...

  2. fuck! not only is this crucial information but your whole blog has gotten rad! We should all go to hammerhead sometime!

  3. i can't help thinking this post is only dedicated to me. thank you! thank you!

  4. checked this out today. steak fajita didn't really do it for me but the chicken + cheese burrito rocked my socks. this definitely makes having to work in roppongi worth while

  5. Why did you not mention this to me on Friday!?

  6. @Papshmere: Slipped my mind!
    Why didn't you read about it here earlier?!