Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kazuo Umezu's Plans For 2010

People view Kazuo Umezu as a manga artist first and foremost, but after the talk show tonight it sounded like his career in comics was a 50-year long detour on the road to his true dream—Becoming a musician! 2010 will mark the revival of his musical endeavors, beginning with a signing event and concert at the Taipei International Book Festival on January 27th. There’s also rumors about recording a new album featuring guest appearances from performing artists he has befriended over the years.

Sound too strange, even for Kazz? Keep in mind that he made his singer/songwriter debut back in 1975 with The Darkness Album (Yami no Album, scroll down to the column marked "試聴" to sample tracks) and has continued to write lyrics for popular musicians, including Haruo Chikada's hit Lady Hurricane. Considering that he did his own chorography for Gwash! Makoto-Chan, there’s no doubt that this 73-year old’s still got the moxie.

Kazz's first band, Meoto Garasu (夫婦烏) combined elements from various eras of Shinjuku's post-war night life, from the wandering minstrels of Golden Gai in the 1960's to the drag queens of modern day 2-Chome.

For his next act, MC Kazz returns to a more familiar getup to rock the mic with his guitarist, Kurobe. He glued the studs on himself!

Ray Charles...?

No show is complete without Gwash! Makoto-Chan and the lovely Makoto Mushi Dancers, Masuda (left) and Demerin (right).

That's what Kazz's belly button looks like? なるヘソね!


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