Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comiket 77 Day 2: Cosplay Pics

Although moe pedophilic and porn manga still reigned supreme, the selection was slightly more varied on day 2. Comics about trains, cars, music, pets (chiefly cats), WW2, electronics, travel, and food tourism could be found in small pockets here and there, along with a gravure and idol section (which was so packed I didn't dare try to enter). After all that bitching yesterday, and despite all the far more intriguing stuff I looked at, the only thing I actually bought was a yaoi book called Kinnikuman Terryman Love Forever: Super Strong Love Machine... This time it looks like it's shame on me.

Again, there were hordes of talented cosplayers whom I didn't bother photographing. Today's crowd was much larger, making it a real pain in the ass to walk, let alone take pictures of girls surrounded by otaku foaming at the mouth. One awesome costume that got away was Robert DeNiro as Taxi Driver, I'm still beating myself up over that.

Sadly, he couldn't do the "eiga dorobo" dance.

Hige Danshaku was hanging with the Evil Axis. Renaissance!

The Noid with his pizza devastator robot.

A few of Nara's many mascots. Where are Sou-chan and Nii-chan?

I can see into men's skirts with these babies!

Prosthetic honkey face! Hitler!

All were men under 30.

This dude...

...and this guy kept having wig malfunctions all day.

What, how did they get into this post?!?!

Full album here
Comiket 77 Day 2

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