Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I No Need A Heno Tsuppari! 2

Speaking of Kinnikuman...

Pokka just released a new series of Kinnikuman figures packaged with their tar-like canned coffee! As if the shame of having the gyarus working at the convenience store snicker at me as I sifted through about 200 cans to get a complete set wasn't enough, I just HAD to blog about these!

20 Million Powers

Longhorn Train!

Akuma Choujin Combination

Cursed Roller!

Muscle Brothers

Muscle Docking!


What happened to Big The Budou?! The stands are number 1-6 and 8, which either means he's ultra secret (no secret listings on package) or he was scraped at the last minute. Hopefully I'll have an update after I scour a few more conbinis.


  1. You boys look cute in the masks. Is that your comic book hero with you?

    Did you REALLY sift trough 200 cans of coffee looking for toys did you?

    You are real goofball know the rest. :):)

  2. @Anonymous: Yes, I did! The fridge was half full of them, but they were almost all Mongolman or Kinnikuman Great. There was only 1 Kinnikuman in the whole lot, which is funny because it's the worst sculpt!

    Wait... that was a rhetorical question, wasn't it?