Monday, September 28, 2009

TGS:Tacky Geek Showboating

Another year, another Tokyo Game Show filled with long lines and short demos. If you've come here looking for event coverage, you'll be sadly disappointed. However, I'm not one to send guests home empty-handed. Even with the murderous waits and lack of groundbreaking announcements, the cosplay area made it all worthwhile with nonstop laughs that I'd love to share with you all. Behold, the true face of TGS!

Amano-flavored Final Fantasy costumes made up most of the field, but this Kefka stood atop the heap. This girl never stopped dancing mad for the camera.

To the Japanese convention goers, finding a white girl cosplayer rivals the excitement of encountering a shiny Pokemon.

Conversely, for us Japanese bloggers, blackface cosplay is just cause for a letter writing campaign against Square-Enix! Turn on the Debito signal!

Molobro used Bad Breath! A regular breath of fresh air after spending a day shoulder-to-shoulder with an over-ripe crowd.

Chun-Li cosplay is played out, but I have to give her props for using the Player 2 colors. Too bad she's punching herself in the face.

Imposing and unmoving, Mammoth Man watches over the processions with his stern gaze. Who is he? Where did he come from? And why is he hanging out next to the dumpsters? A day at TGS raises more questions than it solves.

The award for Best Use of a Cardboard Mustache goes to this guy for his Dragon Quest priest.

The Japanese take costume construction very seriously, even for bit characters like this Dragon Quest knight. Had this been in America, we would be looking at shoe boxes plastered with used Arby's wrappers.

Forget about the costumes, Japanese cosplayers are all sooooo hot! Wowie! Pucker up, boys!

Something to cleanse the pallet.

The Resident Evil team gets bonus points for their excessive accessories. Check out the first-aid spray and red herb. Oh, that and the bloody William Birkin. Then again, they get marked down for the lack of Barry. Barry? Where's? Barry?

The Fourth Survivor looking smug after snapping Steve's whiny pencil neck.

A lifetime of brawling and fireballs to the face are starting to catch up to this world warrior. Hopefully he has a nest egg saved up in case the LDP goons have run off with his pension money.

Snake setting an example in economic conservation at the cost of his own safety. Could Al Gore be one of the Patriots?

Eat your heart out, Takarazuka.

"Say, this reminds me of my vacation in Thailand a puzzle! I have a dead prostitute weighing 95 pounds and three days before the police trace her back to me. How many pounds of lye do I need?"

That's all the time we have for this year! Anyone else snap some cosplay that wasn't total cheesecake? Be a darling and do tell!


  1. Wait, is that you in the top hat? If so I saw you. Haha.

  2. No way, I wouldn't blow my secret identity so easily!