Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shigeru Mizuki X Supa Resque Wears

Distributer of oddball import and domestic apparel Supa Resque Wears has teamed up with legendary manga author Shigeru Mizuki to bring us a series of yokai themed tees!
This guy's backstory is more sci-fi than horror. A man abandons his family to escape from his debt, only to be propositioned by a scientist who offers to pick up his tab if the man will have his body converted into an undying vessel for the purpose of deep space exploration. The man agrees, but upon returning home one last time before jettisoning into space, his family flees in terror at the sight of the monster he has become!

Oh, poor Fushigi-Kun! Are your limbs made out of rubber? Clay? Not his most popular character, but classic Shigeru all the same.

Check out their online shop for order information!

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