Monday, May 9, 2011

Kamen Rider the Diner

Those dastardly Shockers are back with another heinous scheme to undermine Japan. This time they're plotting to swindle milk money from innocent children . Backed by the Pasela Group, the very same masterminds behind the Dragon Quest tavern in Roppongi, Kamen Rider the Diner is poised to serve up a steaming plate of nostalgia laced with mind control serum.

voidmare shocker
Today, themed restaurants.
Tomorrow, the world!

Reservations need to be through the website in advance or the staff will show you the door.

Kamen Rider the Diner Entrance
The interior is ostensibly decorated as a secret Shocker hideout, though the Third Reich eagle motif clashes with the walls adorned with rider action figures and glamor shots of the heroes.

Kamen Rider 2
Past riders are encased in vacuum sealed glass coffins for future generations.

Showa Rider belts
There were two display cases featuring every rider belt ever.

Having a rider belt embossed shirt is the Japanese version of those novelty tees with a tie printed down the front.

Naturally you're not paying for the food itself, but rather the ambiance and right to take sweet pictures to brag to your friends. It takes a truly insidious organization to make you feel good about blowing 800 yen on a plate of cheese and rice.

Amazon's Condora Cheese Risotto
Cheese Condora Risotto.

Amazon salad
Amazon Salad.

Amazon Maccha float
Amazon Green Tea Float.

Stronger Pancake
Stronger Strawberry Hot Cake.

X chocolate
X Riders's Gateau Chocolate Scarf.

X cocoa float
X Rider Cocoa.

Apollo Geist's Killer chili shrimp
Apollo Geist Killer Spicy Shrimp Chili.

1-go Melon soda float
Rider Ichi-Go Melon Soda Float.

Some of the items are more of a stretch then others and require a high level of mental gymnastics to justify their existence. Half the fun is seeing how desperate the menu can get; the other half is returning to a child-like state of mind that can see rider helmets in green ice cream and kaiju in pan-fried shrimp.

Despite the slightly dodgy menu, this is intended as a somewhat classy dining experience for friends and couples looking to play grown-ups by dishing our major bank for a meal. Never mind that it's a living museum dedicated to a children's show about spandex-clad grasshoppers beating up guys in rubber suits. The restaurant feels no shame in reveling in the source material, and honestly, why should they? Kamen Rider the Diner helps us remember that in the real world sincerity beats out irony, one overpriced novelty dish at a time.

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  1. What a interesting restaurant. I don't understand why they make the food so small and price em so high. The only thing I remember about kamen rider was the show that came out in the 90's. On a off note a while back when I got up in the morning I went to turn the tv and I was still half asleep. I clicked on the tv and it flickered a little. Then to my horror I saw this demonic looking monster face pop on tv. Scared me stupid and thinking what the heck is this. Then I realized it was power rangers and what I saw was a bad guy. Talk about a wake up call.

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