Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shooting Bar AE: Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Collaboration

Name: Shooting Bar EA
Hours: 5:00PM-1:00AM.
Price: ¥600-¥1200 for appetizers.
¥500 for shotgun shell shooters; beer and cocktails from ¥600.
Events: Airsoft shooting gallery. ¥500 for 3-4 magazines/~70 shots.
Address: 1-5-5  Gotenyama, Sawada Building 2F, Musashino-Shi Tokyo (From Kichijoji station, take the South Exit and travel west towards the intersection. Turn left down Kichijoji Doori road and the bar will be on your right after a short walk.)
Japanese Level: Basic conversational ability recommended if you want to suit up for the shooting range.

The CDC’s recent article on surviving a zombie apocalypse is essential reading for anyone who hopes to live through the coming rapture, though it leaves out one critical element—weapon training! In particular, close-range shooting with small firearms. Every bullet counts when you’re facing down an undead horde, and if you go in unprepared you’ll wish you had saved the last one for yourself.

resident evil EA shooting bar

Don’t despair! Shooting Bar AE and Capcom have teamed up for the 15th Anniversary of Resident Evil and upcoming release of The Mercenaries 3D to bring you a fully stocked armory just waiting to dismember the franchise’s most iconic monsters and get your marksmanship up to survival speed.

resident evil EA shooting bar

Though Japanese law bans the right to bear arms, restriction has bred innovation in the form of true-to-life model guns indistinguishable from the real thing. The Kichijoji-based Shooting Bar EA lets you get hands-on with their awe-inspiring equipment. You don’t need to be a gun freak to get your rocks off, though the experience might turn you into one.

resident evil EA shooting bar
Decisions, decisions. Do you head straight for the firing range, or do you first loosen up your trigger finger with Resident Evil-themed cocktails?
resident evil EA shooting bar
Green, blue, and red flavor-dip won't actually cure a zombie bite, but the Mixed Herb Cocktail can help you forget the pain.
resident evil EA shooting bar
Inoculate yourself against the plague with T-Virus and G-Virus vaccines.
resident evil EA shooting bar
Shotgun shell shots go straight to your head.
resident evil EA shooting bar
Umbrella-brand painkillers are there to help nurse your hangover the morning after.
Sorry buddy, the kitchen's fresh out of braaaaaaains... But there are overpriced novelty appetizers!
(Courtesy of our partner in grime from I Live on Another Planet.)
resident evil EA shooting bar
The “Itchy Tasty Brains” shrimp risotto lived up to its name, though it may have been my shellfish allergy acting up.
resident evil EA shooting bar
Sadly, there's no Jill Sandwich, but there is Tofu Survivor.
resident evil EA shooting bar
Pio-Hazard was a delicious, meat-filled pun. (Resident Pastry to Western audiences.)
resident evil EA shooting bar
This R.P.D. cosplayer posing with Leon's custom Desert Eagle brought out every camera in the house and with it new meaning to the term "shooting gallery."
resident evil EA shooting bar
To be clear, this guy isn't one of the staff. He just parades around like this for kicks when he's not lighting people up in the field with airsoft pellets.

Resident Evil: The Shooting will continue through June 19th. If you find yourself along the Chuo Line it's well worth your time to poke your head in, if just to take in the ambiance and neuter some bloodthirsty cultists. Boom, "head" shot!

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  1. Wow, man, thanks a million for that post. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm a fan of the series.