Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Wages of Idolatry

Idol sex scandals are beamed into our living rooms as often as commercials for their new singles, so why doesn’t the disgrace hit closer to home? Every time AKB breaks their “no-boyfriend” vow, or the paparazzi catches a teen celebrity on the arm of a man, news sites and social media hold them up at arm’s length in a savage shaming masked as a civilized reaffirmation of social morals. Let this be your lesson, we say. But in our righteous zeal we overlook the bystanders caught in the flames of this witch hunt--the families themselves.

One such victim finally speaks out. Anonymously, because our “told-you-so” mindset won’t allow him a public platform, and even if it did, the backlash would be worse than suffering in silence.

The following message board thread was translated from Kamesokuhou, an aggregate site that compiles the top posts from 2chan and edits them for readability.